Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Instagram is an amazing invention. It makes it so quick and easy to edit your photos with filters and tilt-shift and then share it within a really amazing community.
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Just a few of the reasons why I love this app...
 my sister's account @alexandralouise
 my new favourite toy! konica pop found at a car boot sale for $5. can't wait to see the results!
 updating my itunes
 hosting car boot sale with nat.
 bingo night at bcl
 awkward at black coffee lyrics
finalising market preparations for a path less travelled
ages ago at my birthday with Tara and Bec, my other sister


  1. Great photos :) Instagram makes everything look just that little bit cooler

    The clothes are all from an opshop chain called Savers. It's the best! There's lots in Melbourne and the stuff is SO SO cheap. Glad you like the clothes... I'm just looking into markets in Melbourne where I can sell them and other things too



  2. cool snaps! X
    ps. cheeky cute blog name ;)