Thursday, December 15, 2011


So this is what I do with my life. No not (just) drink wine but ...Glasses. I started working for Specsavers in April this year and have loved it ever since! I'm applying to study optometry next year and love the fact that it combines science-y stuff (vision, health, blah blah), actual human interaction (something my previous career choice was SORELY lacking..more on that later) and also a bit of fashion in terms of frame styling.
God I sound so optimistic it's depressing.
So anyway. I have been lusting after some other brand's glasses (GASP!) so I thought I would share my findings with my vast (?) blogger audience. So for all of you myopics, hypermetropics and presbiopics out there, these are for you.

 Kate Sylvester - sneak peek at Oyster Magazine, being released in Feb '12. So exciting, so forbidden.

Warby Parker's. Not only are these GOD DAMN cheap, but they have a heart too, with one pair of specs donated for every pair bought. They really are great people those Americans. But they don't ship to Australia. So they are terrible. Also, you can enter your own script which really scares me. 
SHAMELESS. Jeff Banks at Specsavers. I am lining up to get these specs next.
These are my current favourites. Karen Millen

I also stumbled upon this little gem... these are only the screenshots. The commentary makes it so much better

 You. Are. Welcome.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Life sometimes gets really busy. But I've still had some fun experiences over the past few weeks. Here is an update

Got Florence tickets for May!
Saw Husky live at Alhambra
Bought Asos goodies

Celebrated my grandpas 86th birthday!
Did the usual Christmas family photo!